Sunday, January 7, 2018

Post-Christmas Hike With Cindy

The weather has been VERY beautiful here!
I have been a bit discouraged that I had a big energy downturn after Christmas,
but Greg and I got to take a lovely hike and Cindy and I did, too!
The memories make me happy, especially on the days I am not able to do as much
as I would like.

Look at our pretty skies!

My favorite hike is really more of a clamber up the side of a steep rocky hill
above Canyon Lake.  It's quiet and the landscape is fantastic.
I only share this hike with my very favorite people!

The rocks have lots of interesting patterns, colors, and inclusions.
Like quartz!

This brown streak looked like a crumbled down wall all packed into the ground!

There we are! I'm waving.

The sun was shining in such a way that our shadows were often quite noticeable.

There are a lot of different colors and textures in this area in the rocks and plants.

There are quite a few cairns to mark the path, but they are small
and difficult to notice.
We found most of them on the way down! 

This isn't really a "trail" for of hike; it's more of an adventure, climbing any which way seems best at the time.  That's one of the reasons I really like this hike.
We didn't really need the cairns.
But we like them when we see them!
I've started adding rocks to the cairns I see to make them a little taller.

Here's another one!

And another one!

And some more!

Look at that view!

Do you see the fancy boat? 

And even the United States Postal Service delivers out there!

Going down this spiny part is my favorite part.

It was a great day and I was happy to spend Cindy's last day of Christmas break (besides the weekend) with her!

I found a few outfits in my camera, too, that I thought I'd share.
This one was comfy and cute for a Saturday of laundry, cleaning, and getting some groceries.
t-shirt (Maison Jules, Macy's
camisole: JKY by Jocket, Target
jeans: INC International Concepts, Macy's

This one was for a day of working at home and some errands.
sweater: Target
pants: SoHo Apparel, Ross
socks: Target
slippers: Ross
bag: ABage, Amazon


This was from today.
I took the photos early in the morning before I left for church,
so the lighting isn't great.
I liked the outfit, though.
blouse: Target
skirt: Dani's Choice, Amazon
bag: ABage, Amazon

I really like the little ruffle that goes across the front of the blouse
and up over the shoulders.  It's very feminine.
The pattern is feminine and delicate, too; it's tiny squarish flowers that are 
modern and dainty at the same time.

I wore these Bandolino shoes with poufs on the toes (Amazon).

It was chilly when I left, so I also wore a cognac faux-leather jacket (Levi's, Amazon)
and a big gray scarf with gold threads running through it (Target).

Our neighbor Jordan has an extravagant garden in his backyard.
The most recent gift from this Eden is a loofah squash!

Once it's dried out, it works just like a rough loofah!

I chopped it up and am using it in the shower to exfoliate.  Very cool!

I'm typing right this minute on the couch with Columbo on in the background.
It's a very soothing show:
he solves every crime with excellent music by Henry Mancini and fabulous costumes.
The cats like it when I sit still and provide appropriate levels of snuggles.


Allistair & Stephen


More sweet fluffy Claude:

They are always doing funny stuff, too, of course:

If you have a cat, does s/he sit on your journal, Bible, newspaper, book, computer?
Mine do!

This week I have lots of appointments and quite a few Chirp Curriculum binders to ship (hooray!)
Churches can subscribe to easily receive the next binder in the sequence without any additional effort on their part, and it's turning out to be a popular service.  I got another new subscriber this morning!
I love thinking about all the kids and families and volunteers  from all these churches who are learning more about how much God loves them through the curriculum lessons I've written.
It's a wonderful job to have.

Have a wonderful start to your brand-new week!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018!

The crazy almost-Super Moon over our neighbor's house (across the street from us) last night

We don't know what to expect in the coming year, but I have high hopes that it will be full of 

My parents arrived from Minnesota on Friday, and we had the blessing of sharing a Christmas feast and a gift exchange.  It was a wonderful evening full of precious people and memories!
Here's a snippet of the fun:

Our New Year's Eve was calm and quiet, with lots of "Columbo" and lots of cat snuggles!

More Claude:


Stephen & Allistair keeping each other warm


I was feeling under the weather after all the activity and work over the last few weeks, so I have had a few quiet days in a row now.  
Yesterday Greg was kind enough to head over to my parents' to help set up cable, wi-fi, etc.

New Year's Eve always seems strange and arbitrary to me, and I don't like that there's pressure to reinvent ourselves (and stay up until midnight!)
I don't want to reinvent myself; I want to continue to be transformed into the ME I was originally meant to be!  I'm okay with that being a little bit at a time.

This coming year, as always . . . 
I want to continue to follow Jesus and be as much like Him as possible in what I think, say, and do.
I want to continue to enjoy life as much as possible. I'd like to be healthy, content, and joyful.
I want to cherish the precious people in my life and show them the love of God.
I want to be courageous in how I pursue the mission He has given me 
(to introduce kids with special needs to Him in any way possible - right now via the Chirp Curriculum and the Chirp YouTube channel.)

This morning we had a lovely slow morning.
I made buckwheat pancakes (with blueberries and chocolate chips!) 
and did a couple of Sudoku puzzles.
It was a great peaceful way to start the new year!

I hope you also had a peaceful start to 2018!

What are you aiming for in this coming year?